Liv Monica Stubholt to lead industry initiative for Kvaerner

18 April 2013 Kvaerner has been selected to lead a Norwegian petroleum industry initiative with the objective to review competitiveness, competence and technology development for Norwegian offshore yards (Konkraft working group). Representing Kvaerner, Liv Monica Stubholt will lead the working group over the next six months.

Konkraft is a cooperation arena for the main industrial and labour organisations in Norway, comprising: Norsk olje og gass (the Norwegian oil and gas association, Norsk Industri (Federation of Norwegian industries) Norges Rederiforbund (Norwegian Shipowners’ organisation) and LO (The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions).

Konkraft brings into public focus the petroleum industries opportunities and challenges and increases the awareness about the significance of the petroleum industry in Norway.
The working group will provide a report on topics of vital importance for Kvaerner’s framework conditions in September/October 2013.

“Being the largest party within the offshore yard segment in Norway, it is natural for Kvaerner to take the role as leader of this working group. I am grateful that Liv Monica has accepted as Kvaerner could not have provided a more skilled and experienced leader for the job”, says CEO Jan Arve Haugan.

The working group will comprise representatives both from the operators and subcontractors on the Norwegian continental shelf.