Disposal Contract to Kvaerner

Kvaerner has signed a contract with Statoil for dismantling and recycling of redundant offshore installations.

The contract is for dismantling of the jacket and adjacent bridge foundation belonging to the previously removed Ekofisk 2/4-S platform. The jacket has a total weight of 9000 tonnes and the bridge foundation weighs 2450 tonnes. The contract is signed with Statoil on behalf of Gassco. The contract value is about 60 million kroner.

The jacket will be delivered to Kvaerner’s disposal site at Eldøyane in two sections. The upper section of the jacket together with the bridge foundation will be set directly ashore at the disposal site. The lower section of the jacket will be placed on foundations in the sea at the quay where it will be dismantled and taken ashore. The jacket and bridge foundation will arrive in the second half of 2014.

The basis for Kvaerner’s disposal work is that all activities are performed on pro-active preventative principles. Thorough investigative preparations will be undertaken both before and after receipt of the installations to chart materials that could negatively affect the environment. Recently, disposal site upgrades have been instigated to further promote environmental protection. Among other things the area of sealed surfacing is being extended and the water treatment plant is being upgraded.