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12 Feb 2019 Kværner ASA: The Board of Directors' proposal to Kværner ASA's Annual General Meeting
12 Feb 2019 Kvaerner’s orderbook up, revenues up, dividend proposed
11 Feb 2019 Kvaerner awarded offshore wind study from Equinor
25 Jan 2019 Invitation to presentation of 4th quarter and preliminary annual results 2018
12 Dec 2018 Construction start for next phase of Norway’s upcoming major income source

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Images from Kvaerner's yards at Stord and Verdal


Kvaerner's yard at Stord, February 2018 Kvaerner's yard at Verdal, January 2017

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(Images: ©Kvaerner. Stord: Kvaerner, Verdal: WOW Film)

Kvaerner's yard at Stord, June 2017 Kvaerner's yard at Verdal, June 2017

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(Images: ©Kvaerner. Stord: Sydvest, Verdal: WOW Film)

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Odd NaustdalOdd Naustdal
Head of Communication West Norway
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Tove Strand TranaTove Strand Trana,
Head of Communication Mid Norway
Office/mobile: +47 464 01 103





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28 Mar 2019 Annual General Meeting 2019
07 May 2019 First quarter results 2019 Presentation
12 Jul 2019 Second quarter and half year results 2019 Presentation