UWP/Subsea on a Stick®

The Unmanned Wellhead Platform (UWP) Subsea on a Stick® (SoS) is strongly competitive with subsea tieback solutions and highly cost effective for development of marginal fields.

Kvaerner have developed an Unmanned Wellhead Platform (UWP) named “Subsea on a Stick”® (SoS) for fast track projects strongly competitive with subsea tieback solutions and highly cost effective for development of marginal fields.

The standard design for Subsea on a Stick® will also lead to cost effective projects for Wellhead Platforms at Clients specific requirements.

Subsea on Stick® is for use as infill and on the outskirts and surrounding previously developed oil fields, and for marginal fields, with tieback to a host platform. The basis for Subsea on Stick® is a “minimized” facility and equipment, giving the clients an option to produce a field rather than abandon a field with a marginal commercial upside.

Subsea on a Stick® is robust for a wide range of Jack Up drilling rigs operating around the world.

Together with an efficient fabrication for fast track projects, Subsea on Stick® will lead to both CAPEX and OPEX savings. Standardization leads to effective fabrication, reduces capital expenditure and lead time.

Kvaerner have experienced personnel and knowledge for the requirements during all operational phases and have optimized the design with focus on Safety, Reliability, Maintainability and Operability as key targets

A Jack Up drilling rig is not required for well intervention at Subsea on a Stick®.

The “iKvaerner™”- material handling systems and methodology is built-in for easy access to the wellheads for well-recovery operations. Conventional equipment and Service Operational Vessel with “Walk-to-Work” enables the Clients to perform cost effective well interventions and maintenance campaigns. The client may therefore increase the number of interventions – leading to increased oil recovery (IOR).

Kvaerner’s standardized and effective solutions for Subsea on Stick® will give our Clients a field developed at significantly reduced cost and the ability to more cost effective operations with improved oil production from the fields.

Subsea on a Stick® with Jack Up Drilling Rig.
Subsea on a Stick® with access from Service Operation
Vessel with “Walk-to-Work”.
Flexible number of wells (production / injection).

Subsea on a Stick®

  • Unmanned Wellhead Platform / Wellhead Platform
  • Minimum facilities onboard
  • Fast track projects
  • Cost competitive towards subsea installations
  • Cost effective for marginal fields
  • Standardized design
  • Water depth 150 m (pending jack up drilling rig)
  • 2 – 16 well slots in standard design
  • Early start of production while drilling
  • Easy access and cost
  • Cost effective Well Interventions without use of drilling rig
  • Increased Oil Recovery

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