Kvaerner is a leading contractor for EPC delivery of topsides for offshore oil and gas platforms.

Kvaerner has been the key supplier to some of the world’s most demanding projects, and have proven our ability to execute even the most complex field developments with cost efficiency and predictability.Kvaerner has extensive experience from all types of topsides that may be required on an offshore facility, including:

  • Oil and gas treatment
  • Oil and gas storage, offloading and export
  • Utility and process support systems
  • Drilling facilities
  • Living quarters

Kvaerner’s modern facility at Stord, Norway, plays a major role in the majority of our topside projects. Kvaerner can also offer hook-up and commissioning of platform topsides through our vastly experienced operators and construction managers. We design and build topsides for installation on a broad range of platform substructures, including:

  • Steel jacket substructures
  • Gravity base structures (GBS)
  • Semi-submersible floating production platforms
  • Floating production, storage and offloading units (FPSOs)
  • Drilling rigs
  • Tension leg platforms (TLPs)

Topside references

Kvaerner has delivered more than 40 topsides. Half of them have a steel jacket substructure standing at the seabed, while the other half are built with a concrete gravity based structure (GBS) standing on the seabed. On this page you can read more about some of our reference projects.

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