Using your security token

If you’re using a company laptop you can use the relevant VPN software along with your security token to make a secure connection to the office.

If you’re going away for the first time it is always a good idea to call the IT Service Desk and ask them to check to make sure your VPN software is configured correctly. This could save you a lengthy telephone call to the IT Service Desk at a later time.If you’re not using a company laptop, or if VPN is not supported at your location you can use an internet enabled PC to connect to Citrix or access your email via Outlook Web Access.

All you need to do is visit your company internet site and click on the Remote Access Login link in the top right hand corner. Once connected to this page you’ll see several options depending on your location, select the most suitable.

You’ll be prompted to supply your user ID, password and Security Token code. Enter your user ID and network password as normal and your Security Token PIN and the code it generates. The User guides may be helpful the first time you login.

Multiple attempts to login without success will disable your security token. You will then need to call the IT Service Desk for assistance.