How to use the VPN remote access service

If you need to access the corporate network on your laptop away from the office you can use the VPN remote access service.

1) To find the login page, please click here. This will open the “Remote access login” webpage, where links for all remote access options are available.

Regional services for access to the company network (VPN) are indicated in the list to the left. Should there be any issues with any of the offered services, alternative instructions will appear here. For instance: “If your regional link is unavailable, please try one of the others.”

2) Once you have clicked on the required regional service, the VPN service will check the host PC for compliance. Only computers from Kvaerner will be accepted.

All other computers will not be able to connect. This message will be displayed.

3) A security alert dialogue may be displayed. If so, tick the box ‘Trust this site’ and select a suitable time period. Then click on the ‘Trust’ button.

4) A successful connection will require the following:

  • Your network Windows username
  • Your network Windows password
  • Your security PIN number and the digits generated by the security token

After you have filled in this you can click the ‘Log On’ button.

5) The Remote Access Portal is then displayed. Click on the ‘EmployeeVPN’ link.

6) A window will display while the connection is being established, then it will close. The status can be seen in the system tray.

7) It is not necessary to keep the browser window with the ‘Remote Access Portal’ open during the session.

Please note that network issues may interrupt the VPN session, causing the connection to close. You will then need to connect to and repeat the initial connection steps.

However, if the ‘Remote Access Portal’ has been kept open, you will only need to click on the ‘EmployeeVPN’ link to re-establish the connection.

If you have any questions, you can download the remote access portal quick guide.