Frequently asked questions

How do I enter my username when accessing Outlook Web Access?
When entering your username you must always precede your username with the domain name as shown below.


Which gateway should I select in my VPN software?
You should generally choose the gateway depending on your location geographically, this will usually give the best performance. You can however use any of the gateways as required. This gives you an alternative if one of our gateways is offline or under heavy load. If you are unsure which gateway to use you can always call the IT Service Desk for advice.

I have lost or forgotten my security token, what can I do?
If you lose or forget your token, just call the IT Service Desk and they can issue you with a temporary code and order you a replacement.

What is the difference between a ‘DigiPass’ and a ‘Security token’ or ‘Soft Token’?
All of these terms relate to a code generator that gives access codes to connect to a network.

DigiPass is the term most people are familiar with, we call them security tokens, and we call our software\smartphone based security token ‘soft tokens’.

I’m not sure what token to order, what should I do?
If you have an iPhone, or an android smartphone you can have one of our soft tokens, failing this you can order a regular physical hard token (which we call Go-6). If you have a basic phone you can order SMS functionality.

We advise to use soft tokens where possible, as these are easiest to setup. You can use soft tokens on your private handset.

Will iPhone tokens work with iPad?
Yes they will, but you cannot use the same soft token on more than one device, you must install and activate it on one device or the other, unless you order (and pay for) two tokens.

Can I order more than one type of token?
Yes you can, but we will need to charge you for each different security token you have, we recommend you have only one.

How long do tokens take to arrive?
If you ordered a soft token, or a SMS token you’ll receive an email very quickly once the order is made, and as you don’t need any physical equipment you can be up and running same day.

If you ordered a physical token we’ll need to send this out to you in the post, which can add delay. If access is urgent, please contact us.

Are tokens transferable?
No they are not, physical tokens may be re-used, but first they must be returned to IT to be reset.

I no longer need my token, what should I do?
If you don’t need your token you can use our order manager system to ‘remove’ it, if it is physical token you should then return it to your local IT team for re-use.

Will my tokens work for any other companies or networks?
No. Tokens issued by us will only work with our corporate networks.

Will soft tokens use my data allowance or need a network connection to work?
No they don’t, once installed and configured they do not need internet connectivity. You’ll need to download the application from iTunes, or the Google Play store and register while on our network (from your desk computer or laptop).

What versions of iPhones support soft tokens?
All iPhones capable of running iOS5 support our soft tokens. You must be running iOS5 or above to have this feature.

If you phone is not compliant contact our teams, we can give advice on updating the software.

How do I install and configure soft tokens?
The first step is to order the token, once we process your request we will send you registration instructions via email, these instructions will also advise how to install the soft token applications on your smartphone.

I can’t get access to order or register a security token, what can I do?
Simply contact our Service Desk team, we can do this for you.

I have updated my Android or iPhone OS, now I can’t connect, what is wrong?
It’s likely you have invalidated your security token, contact our teams; we can fix this for you.

I’m not sure of my PIN, or details, what should I do?
We do not allow these details to be reset remotely, please contact our teams so we can help.

I tried to login too many times, now I cannot login and I am sure I am entering correct details.
You may have locked or disabled your account, please contact our teams so we can help.

Do I need to turn off my GO6 Security token?
No, it will turn off automatically

How long will my GO6 Security token battery last?
It does depend how much you use it, but as a guideline It should last approximately 5 years. If it runs flat on you while travelling call our teams don’t worry, we can give you a temporary code and order you a fresh security token.

I want to use the VPN, do I need to set up my home broadband?
No special configuration is required to use this service, most ‘out of the box’ home internet connections will support this.