Lone Fønss Schrøder

18 April 2019

Ms Fønss Schrøder previously served as Director on the Board of Kværner ASA from 2011–2013. She has held several senior management positions in A.P. Møller-Maersk A/S, was CEO and president of Wallenius Lines AB, and has board experience from e.g Aker Solutions ASA, Akastor ASA, Volvo AB, Vattenfall AB, and Ikea group. She is chair of Saxo Bank, senior advisor for Credit Suisse and developer and co-owner of FinTech. She is chair of the audit committee in Akastor ASA, Volvo AB and Valmet OY. Ms Fønss Schrøder is Master in laws, LL.M. from the University of Copenhagen, and is economist from Copenhagen Business School. She holds no shares in Kværner ASA, and has no stock options. Ms Fønss Schrøder is a Danish citizen.

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25 September 2020 – The Extraordinary General Meeting of Kværner ASA was held today, 25 September 2020 at Snarøyveien 20, 1360 Fornebu, Norway. All proposals on the agenda were adopted, including approval of the merger plan dated 17 July 2020 regarding the contemplated merger with Aker Solutions ASA (the “Merger”). Please refer to previous stock exchange notices […]

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All suppliers/subcontractors are requested to follow national and/or local regulations as published by the Authorities.

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18 September 2020 – Reference is made to the previous stock exchange announcements made by Kværner ASA (“Kvaerner”) regarding the contemplated merger with Aker Solutions ASA (“Aker Solutions”) as further set out in the merger plan dated 17 July 2020 (the “Merger”) and the notice of an extraordinary general meeting in Kvaerner to be held […]