Marine operations references

18 April 2019

Here is a list of some of our past and ongoing marine operations projects.

Project Customer DescriptionCompletion
West White Rose Husky EnergyTow-out and installation of concrete gravity structure 2021
HebronExxonMobilTow-out and installation of concrete gravity base structure 2017
 Aasgard A, Aasgard B, Kristin, Troll C, Visund, Njord StatoilMooring replacement 2012
 Sakhalin 1ExxonMobilTow-out and installation of concrete gravity base structure 2012
 West DonPetrofac Energy DevelopmentsTransport and installation of SAL mooring system 2009
 Deep Panuke EnCana CorporationTransportation and installation of piles and wellhead protection structures 2009
Adriatic LNG terminal ExxonMobil Tow and installation 2008 
 Frigg DP2 Total Norge Jacket removal 2008
 Ardmore Tuscan Energy SAL mooring removal 2006 
 Sakhalin 2 Exxon MobilTow-out and installation of concrete gravity base structure 2005
MaureenPhillips PetroleumRefloat and tow of steel gravity base structure 2001

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