Nomination Committee

Kvaerner’s Articles of Association provide for a Nomination Committee composed of a minimum of three members who are elected by the General Meeting.

The Nomination Committee is responsible for nominating the shareholder-elected members of the Board of Directors. The Nomination Committee of Kvaerner comprises the following members, each having been elected for a term expiring at the Annual General Meeting of the company in 2021 and 2022: Ove A. Taklo (Chairman) (2022), Georg Fredrik L. Rabl (2021) and Ingebret G. Hisdal (2022).

Shareholders who wish to contact Kværner ASA’s Nomination Committee may do so by contacting Mr Ove A. Taklo:

Election of members to Kvaerner’s Board of Directors
In connection with the annual evaluation of the Board of Directors, shareholders may propose candidates to the Board to the Nomination Committee. Proposals can be submitted to the Chairman of the Nomination Committee, Ove A. Taklo: