IR policy

Kvaerner is committed to serving the financial market with precise and relevant information about the company.

Kvaerner has established guidelines for the reporting of financial and other information based on openness and taking into account the requirement for equal treatment of all participants in the securities market.

Investor Relations activities aim to ensure that the information provided to the financial markets gives market participants the best possible basis to establish a precise picture of the company’s financial condition and factors that may affect its future value creation. This shall take place through the correct and timely distribution of price-sensitive information, whilst ensuring, at the same time, that Kvaerner is in compliance with applicable rules and market practices.

All stock exchange announcements, quarterly reports and presentations, other public presentations and press releases are made available on the company’s website,, together with other relevant information. Stock exchange announcements are also available on All information sent to the shareholders is posted on the company’s website simultaneously. Kvaerner holds open presentations in connection with the financial reporting, and these presentations are broadcast live via the Internet. A capital markets day will be hosted annually, and will be open to all interested parties. All relevant dates are published in the financial calendar.