Edvard Grieg topside sets new benchmark for completion at sail-away

07 July 2015

On Monday 6 July, the final module for the Edvard Grieg topside left Kvaerner’s yard at Stord. The platform is so complete when it is towed out that it sets a new benchmark.

Completing as much work as possible at the quayside reduces the need to complete work offshore at a much higher cost.

The Edvard Grieg topside was handed over to operator Lundin Norway AS on 15 April, exactly as agreed when the initial contract was signed three years earlier. The heavy lift vessel, Thialf, has now started lifting the 22 000 tonne topside onto the jacket on the Edvard Grieg field in the North Sea.

The main deck frame, which forms the lower part of the platform topsides, was the first module to be lifted onto the jacket. Both the combined utility and living quarters module and the process module are now being towed to the field from Kvaerner Stord and Aker Solutions Egersund respectively. Together with the flare tower these modules will make up the complete Edvard Grieg topsides.

“For both Lundin Norway as operator as well as for our licence partners and all stakeholders, it is very important that we are now moving from one project phase to the next without any carry over work. It has a positive impact not only on the costs, but also on HSE since we avoid shuttling more crew than necessary offshore for completion work,” says Managing Director Kristin Færøvik at Lundin Norway.

The Edvard Grieg topside project is an important project for Kvaerner. Right after the initial contract signing in 2012, it was singled out as a reference project for Kvaerner’s ability to deliver large and complex topside projects, with a high degree of Norwegian value creation. So far, Kvaerner has fulfilled its ambition. The delivery protocol was signed on 15 April at 12:00 hours, exactly as stated in the contract with Lundin Norway. And as sailaway now has commenced, Kvaerner is proud to announce that the platform leaves as the most complete topside modules ever delivered, with zero remaining work on any of the tree modules. This is a level that is possible to match, but impossible to beat.

“Edvard Grieg is punch free, as we say in our line of business. Normally, there is some remaining work when a platform goes offshore – typically final painting, remaining fire protection, insulation or pipe tagging. In this case, there is no remaining work what so ever. No tweaking and turning, no final touches. It’s not 99.99 per cent complete, it’s 100 per cent complete,” says Steinar Røgenes, Executive Vice President for Kvaerner’s topside business area.

The next step for Edvard Grieg is the offshore phase. As soon as the modules are lifted in place, the preparations begin in order to get the field in production. Kvaerner will assist Lundin Norway with hook-up and commissioning of the platform. Lundin Norway and Kvaerner have spent the last few months preparing the offshore work programme, in order to make it a smooth transition. Kvaerner is now in the process of mobilising personnel. A total of 1,200 people in rotation will be involved in the hook-up phase.

The Edvard Grieg field is an oil field located in the North Sea. First production is expected in the fourth quarter of 2015, with a forecast gross peak production of approximately 100,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Lundin Norway AS is the operator and has a 50 percent licence interest in PL338. The other partners are Wintershall Norway with 15 percent, OMV Norway with 20 percent and Statoil with 15 percent.

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