Concrete research and development

Kvaerner’s innovation and technology development is founded on a broad and strong engineering community with hands-on experience, from project-driven engineering and project management through to procurement, construction, commissioning and operations.

Sakhalin 1 GBS in the ice.

The Arctic provides interesting market opportunities for Kvaerner, while at the same time presenting opportunities for technology innovation and development. We currently possess patented technology pertaining to the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of concrete structures. The industry is in constant development, and we strive to continuously develop and improve the solutions we provide in order to meet and solve the challenges our clients are facing.

Challenging conditions

Arctic conditions are a major challenge in the future, making flexibility regarding concrete density, durability and ice resistance important. Kvaerner supports a number of projects related to material development through Concrete Innovation Centre (COIN), a Centre for Research-based Innovation programme (SFI).

There is a special focus on concrete structures exposed to ice abrasion, including research on repair materials and ice loading. Ductility of light weight concrete (LWC) structures is a focus area with continuous research over several years. The R&D includes fibre reinforced concrete and non-steel reinforcement bars.

Kvaerner also participates in the research programme Sustainable Arctic Marine and Coastal Technology (SAMCoT), where research activities are carried out by the host institution NTNU together with UNIS, SINTEF and 14 other partners. SAMCoT objectives are:

  • To provide the research based knowledge necessary in order for the industry to develop Arctic technology for the energy sector in particular and for society as a whole.
  • To specifically address the implications of the presence of ice and permafrost, as well as to produce knowledge that will ensure sustainable and safe exploration, exploitation, and transport from and within the vulnerable Arctic region.
  • To provide the foundation for further development of environmentally adapted coastal infrastructure.

Innovative concept development

Shallow water concrete structures in harsh arctic environment, to enable all year exploration and production drilling with ice protection of wells has been developed on Kvaerner’s own initiative and in cooperation with clients. Proprietary development also relates to special foundation principles related to arctic areas with heavy ice loading.

Concrete hulls for floating production platforms suitable for sub-arctic areas, both SPAR-type and circular floating production, storage and offloading units are currently being developed further.