Management System

Kvaerner’s global business is committed to secure long term competitive advantage and profitability by meeting all applicable requirements in laws and regulations as wells as satisfying the needs of our stakeholders. The focus on quality and continual improvement, in the way we lead and operate, will drive our achievements, our customer relations and our financial performance. To meet our goals Kvaerner will integrate risk management closely with all main processes.

Kvaerner will contract with sub-contractors and suppliers who themselves adhere to the same high standards as we do. We work together with partners and subcontractors in a mutually beneficial relationship encouraging the highest standards of quality in workmanship and services.

Kvaerner wants to be a top-league EPCI player and considers Quality and satisfied customers as a major strategic element for achieving our goals. We will provide:

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Continuous strive for zero harm to personnel, material and non-material assets
  • Focus on employee health and work environment
  • Solutions, products and services which meet or exceed our customer’s expectations
  • Actions that consistently demonstrate our values
  • Policies and a project execution model clearly governing our way of working
  • Strong leadership proving management commitment
  • Actions based on factual measurements using performance indicators.