Kvaerner Code of Conduct

The purpose of our Code of Conduct is to summarise the Kvaerner standards of behaviour in all types of activities, everywhere.

The common set of values shared by all operating units in Kvaerner is a compass that guides all of us in our daily work.

Our aim is to ensure that we run our operations in line with our values, all relevant laws and regulations – with high integrity.

Kvaerner Business Integrity Policy

The Kvaerner business integrity policy sets out the principles for implementation of Kvaerner’s Code of Conduct. The purpose of the policy is to secure that all of Kvaerner’s business operations are conducted in an ethical manner and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The Policy consists of four main sections with focus on:

  1. Caring about people:
    -Legal framework
    -Freedom of association and collective bargaining
    -Forced labour
    -Child labour
    -Purchase of sexual services

  2. Human Rights
    -Legal framework
    -Freedom of expression
    -Minority rights
    -Discrimination, harassment and bullying
    -Human trafficking

  3. Corruption and improper payments
    -Corruption – legal framework
    -Facilitation payments – extortion
    -Entertainment expenses
    -Conflict of interest
    -Charitable donations and sponsorship
    -Use of third party representatives, including agents and lobbyist
    -Market behavior
    -Export control and sanctions
    -Other financial crime
    -Data protection

  4. Access to remedy
    – For more details see Kvaerner Business Integrity Policy

Kvaerner Privacy Statement
The Privacy statement of Kvaerner represents the online privacy policy applicable to www.kvaerner.com and the activities of Kværner ASA and subsidiaries. The statement explains how we collect, use and disclose information when you utilise our webpage. The website www.kvaerner.com is governed by Norwegian legislation and Oslo City Court will be the legal venue having exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of your use of this website. Kværner ASA operates this website and is the data controller for processing of personal data taking place when you utilise this website. Kvaerner privacy statement is available here.

Kvaerner data protection procedure
Kvaerner has implemented a data protection procedure that contains the binding corporate rules for processing and transfer of personal data in Kvaerner (“BCR”). Kvaerner’s BCR provides Kvaerner with a legal basis for transferring personal data from group companies established within the European Economic Area (“EEA”) to group companies established outside the EEA. For more information about the BCR see here.

Internal control
Kvaerner’s corporate internal audit function team performs audits to confirm compliance with Kvaerner’s governing documentation and laws and regulations, including audits within project execution. The result of the annual risk review with Kværner ASA Board of Directors is the basis for the selection of the corporate internal audits. The corporate internal audits are approved on a yearly basis by the Board, after presentation for input from the executive management team and the Board’s Audit Committee. The function team includes fixed members from Legal & Compliance and Finance staff areas.