Corporate Responsibility

The common set of values shared by all units in Kvaerner is a compass that guides our policies, our operations and ultimately our behaviour.

Business ethics concern the principles that guide our value creation and our daily business decisions.

Our aim is to ensure that we run our operations in line with our values, relevant laws and regulations and society’s expectations – with integrity. Our most important corporate responsibility is to provide our products and services in a socially, environmentally and ethically responsible way. However, corporate responsibility does not end there.

We strive to conduct our business in a way that makes people proud to work with, and for, our company. Operating with integrity is just as important as achieving business goals. As a good corporate citizen, our company also aims at contributing to the development of society, locally, nationally or globally, creating mutually beneficial or “win-win” situations for both communities and the company’s employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.