Common Values

Kvaerner’s mission is to successfully execute some of the world’s most demanding projects by living up to our values.

All the Kværner businesses share a common set of values

In any organisation, values are essential for building trust – in each other, in our partners, in our customers and with society. All the Kværner businesses share a common set of values – the compass that guides our policies, our operations and, ultimately, our behaviour.

Our values: HSSE mindset
We take personal responsibility for HSSE because we care. All incidents can be prevented. We continuously strive for zero accidents to personnel, and to material and non-material assets.

We focus on employee health and on continuously improving the work environment. We conduct our operations through efficient use of materials and energy, with minimum waste and damage to the environment.

We design products and services to have no undue environmental impact, to be safe and to be efficient in consuming energy and natural resources. We seek to ensure that our products can be recycled or disposed of safely.

Values are essential for building trust – in each other, in our partners, in our customers and with society

Our values: customer drive
Building customer trust is key to our business. After all, without customer trust and satisfaction, the rest does not matter.

Good customer references build our reputation – and the only way to achieve this is by consistent and predictable performance. Our customers will recognise us for our global execution excellence.

We find new ways, always linked to real customer needs and business priorities.

Our values: people and teams
All our major achievements are team efforts. In the end, it comes down to the talent and motivation of you and me. Delivering strong results is impossible without a highly capable workforce.

We learn on the job, through challenging tasks, coaching and training. Development of people and teams in our company has one purpose – to create a foundation for long-term sustainable value creation through efficient project execution and sound business operations.

We respect and encourage diversity and build strong, energised and effective teams – and we have fun together, making us even better. Our goal is to be the preferred employer in our industry.

Our values: open and direct dialogue
We encourage early and honest communication. We listen hard and talk straight – no sugar coating, no filters. We value early, accurate and reliable communication – after all, the first problem we encounter is usually the easiest one to solve.

We challenge each other. The best decisions are taken when different opinions and different cultures meet in open and direct dialogue. We expect the highest standards of ethical behaviour and integrity – from all of us, everywhere.

Our values: hands-on management
We know our business and get things done. Once decisions are made, we combine all our efforts and focus all our energies on execution. We are accountable and solutions-oriented, focusing on the right details at the right time. We follow through and ensure accountability.

We believe in empowering the people close to the action to take responsibility. Hands-on does not mean hands-in. We stimulate entrepreneurship and challenge bureaucracy, complicated hierarchies and “silo” mentalities. We are one Kvaerner.

Our values: delivering results
We deliver consistently and strive to beat our goals. When doing a job, we understand both the risks and opportunities involved and know how to manage them. We take pride in delivering as we promise.

Making money creates new opportunities and the resources for going forward, both for us and for our customers and partners. Commercial edge benefits us all. We reward performance – what you achieve – and alignment with our values – how you behave.