First quarter results 2019: Solid first quarter performance, expects increased annual revenues

    The results for the first three months in 2019 is the 31st quarter in a row where Kvaerner delivers solid, positive results. Per 31 March, the revenues were NOK 2 158 million including joint ventures. The corresponding EBITDA was NOK 137 million, and the EBITDA margin was 6.3 percent. The first quarter ended with a solid order intake of NOK 1 691 million, and an order backlog of NOK 10 196 million.

    Kvaerner to recycle Statfjord A four decades after delivering the platform

    2 May 2019 – Kvaerner has been awarded a contract from Allseas for dismantling and recycling of the topside at Equinor’s Statfjord A platform in the the North Sea. The Statfjord A facility was originally built at Kvaerner’s specialised facility at Stord, Norway. 42 years after the tow-out to the field, it is now clear that the platform will return to Stord to finalise its life cycle. The ambition is to maximise recycle more than 98 percent of the materials for new purposes.

    Første leveranse til Valhall Flanke Vest

    10. april 2019 – Stålunderstellet til Valhall Flanke Vest er klar for transport til oljefeltet Valhall der Aker BP er operatør. Dette er den første av to hovedleveranser til utbyggingen av den nye brønnhodeplattformen.