New invoice address for Kværner AS as from 25 April 2016

As part of an internal reorganisation of the Kvaerner operating model, the Kvaerner group of companies is currently in the process of simplifying its Norwegian company structure. The aim of these measures is to reduce costs and increase business efficiency to further improve competitiveness.


The reorganisation will have no implications on the execution of Kvaerner’s current projects and operations.

Transfer of Kværner AS operations to new legal entity
The existing entity Kværner AS (VAT number 996 460 134) will remain a separate legal entity, but will no longer hold any operational assets and ultimately be renamed Kværner Holding AS. As part of the re-organisation, the current Kværner AS’ operational assets and contracts will be transferred to Kværner Stord AS (to be renamed Kværner AS).

New invoice address as from 25 April 2016
The following key details of information should be noted for invoicing as from 25 April:


Kværner AS
(Kværner Stord AS until 1 June 2016)

VAT number

916 297 807


Oksenøyveien 10, 1366 Lysaker, Norway

Official postal address

P.O. Box 74, 1325 Lysaker, Norway

Invoice address

P.O. Box 2015, 5409 Stord, Norway

E-invoices/PDF invoices

The reorganisation of Kvaerner will also result in several other Norwegian Kvaerner entities to be merged. If your company also invoice any of these involved entities, you will receive information regarding this process in a separate letter.

Please see attachment for a copy of the full letter to suppliers to Kværner AS: Kvaerner implements a new operating model and simplifies its Norwegian legal structure