Corporate governance

  • Corporate Governance Statement

    Updated as of 20 October 2016. Kvaerner aims to ensure that the maximum possible value is created for its shareholders over time. Good corporate...

  • Articles of Association

    Articles of Association of Kværner ASA (organisation number 996 474 313) (as per 9 October 2012)

  • Board of Directors

    Kvaerner's Board of Directors consists of eight directors.

  • IR policy

    Kvaerner is committed to serving the financial market with precise and relevant information about the company.

  • Board and Nomination Committees

    Links to Kvaerner's board and nomination committees.

  • Annual General Meeting 2016

    On Tuesday 19 April 2016, the Annual General Meeting was held in Kværner ASA at the company's premises, Oksenøyveien 10, 1366 Lysaker. The followin...

  • General Meeting Archive

    Here you will find links to previous general meetings.