Capital Markets Day 10 January 2013

You can watch a replay of the web-cast and download the presentations.

A webcast from the presentations can be viewed on web tv .

Jan Arve Haugan presenting at CMD 2013

All presentations are available for download:

Jan Arve Haugan, President & CEO

Concept, front end, engineering and procurement
Janne H. Rasten, EVP Project Support
Tony Allen, EVP International

Sverre Myklebust, EVP Jackets
Tony Allen, EVP International

E & C Americas
Jim Miller, EVP E&C Americas

Completion and decommissioning
Lars Eide, EVP North Sea

Arctic opportunities
Bjørn Gundersen, EVP Concrete Solutions

Financial update
Eiliv Gjesdal, CFO

Download complete presentation package (9 MB)

Kvaerner's Capital Markets Day 2013