Decommissioning services

Kvaerner has long experience in Decommissioning of offshore oil and gas installations.

Kvaerner's decommissioning site at Stord.
Kvaerner's decommissioning site at Stord.

Kvaerner’s Decommissioning services are run from our base at Eldøyane, Stord where we have a large site with deepwater quay/access. The main activities provided are onshore receipt, deconstruction and disposal of offshore structures. These can also be received and dismantled at various inshore locations nearby.

The mapping, removal handling and disposal of different waste types is a specialised expertise in the decommissioning process and we are also performing this service upstream as part of offshore decommissioning and removal phases. 

Engineering, planning and HSSE are key factors for safe performance at Kvaerner’s disposal site, and we possess experienced in-house engineering and a specially trained work force.

Our site is a modern facility with impermeable pad and new water treatment plant for safe containment and treatment of various substances. We also have excellent capacities for movement and dismantling of large structures

During the disposal process, consisting of e.g. deconstruction and segregation of materials for end -user, we aim to recycle close to 100%. Handling of waste, NORM and toxic compounds in a safe manner is a critical asset within our business.

For more information please contact VP Decommissioning Eirill Hatlevik

Decommissioning references

Odin topside and jacket 1995 - 1997
Maureen 2000-2003
Brent Flare 2004-05
Magnus Flare 2007-8
Frigg Cessation & Sealines 2004-2010
TOGI 2012-2013
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