Concrete reference projects

Sakhalin 1

Sakhalin1The Sakhalin I Arkutun-Dagi platform Berkut is a gravity base concrete structure enabling all-year drilling and oil and gas production offshore the island of Sakhalin in North East Russia. It is an ice-resistant fixed platform designed to safely operate year-round in a seismically active area and able to withstand winter temperatures of -44 deg C, waves up to 18 metres high and sea ice up to two metres thick.  Kvaerner was responsible for engineering, procurement, construction and installation of the GBS. Client:  ENL (ExxonNeftegas Ltd). Delivered 2012.

Adriatic LNG

AdriaticThe Adriatic LNG facility, the world’s first offshore terminal for LNG receiving and re-gasification, is a gravity base structure with LNG storage tanks and topside facilities.  Located offshore Venice, Italy, the facility does not take up onshore space in an already densely populated region; the low profile facility is behind the horizon and can hardly be seen from shore. At the same time, the Adriatic LNG facility is close enough to the shore to effectively supply gas through a pipeline to the grid onshore after re-gasification of the LNG received from the LNG carriers. Kvaerner delivered the concrete GBS, 180 m long, 88 m wide and almost 50 m high, providing space for a living quarter with 65 beds, utility systems, and process equipment for LNG re-gasification.  LNG storage volume is 250 000m3.  Client:  Adriatic LNG (ExxonMobil).  Delivered 2009.

Sakhalin II

Sakhalin2The two Sakhalin II concrete gravity based platforms are designed to withstand drifting ice and seismic disturbances on the seabed, and enable all-year drilling and oil and gas production in ice conditions offshore the island of Sakhalin in North East Russia.  Kvaerner’s scope included engineering, procurement, construction and installation of the two GBS structures (LUN-A and PA-B). In addition, the site development, including the graving dock in Vostochny Port, was part of the scope.  Client: SEIC (Shell). Delivered 2005.


HiberniaLocated at the northeast part of the Grand Banks, the Hibernia production platform offshore St .John`s in Newfoundland, Canada, demonstrates why concrete substructures are ideal in regions with drifting ice and harsh weather conditions.  Kvaerner was involved in the engineering and fabrication of the topsides, including the establishment of a local fabrication and module assembly yard.  Kvaerner, together with our local partner Peter Kiewit & Sons, was hired to manage  the construction of the concrete GBS.  Client:  Mobil.  Delivered 1997.

Troll B

Troll BTroll B is the world`s first semi-submersible production and accommodation platform with a concrete hull. The Kvaerner scope was development and detail design, procurement and construction of the substructure. The scope also included mating of the main support frame (MSF) and field installation of the completed facility. Troll B is located on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in a water depth of 350 meters. The maximum topside weight is 32 500 tonnes and the operating displacement is 194 000 tonnes. Client:  Norsk Hydro for field development (Statoil for production operations). Delivered 1995.


HeidrunThe Heidrun TLP is the world`s first tension leg, floating production platform.  Kvaerner delivered the engineering, procurement and construction of the topsides and the concrete hull, as well as the tethers and foundations for the mooring.  Kvaerner was also responsible for tow-out to the field and installation. Client:  ConocoPhillips.  Delivered 1995.


Troll A

Troll AWith a concrete GBS substructure of 376 meters, the total height from the seabed to the tip of the flare is 481 meters, almost half a kilometre. This makes the Troll A gas production platform not only the world`s tallest concrete GBS platform, but also the current holder of the title “ the tallest object ever moved by man”. Kvaerner performed the full EPC scope for both substructure and the topsides production facilities.  Client: Shell for field development (Statoil for production operations).  Delivered 1995.


HardingThe Harding TPG 500 platform consists of a three-leg jack-up drilling unit mounted on a concrete base. The concrete base provides support for the jack-up, is a drilling template, and provides crude oil storage for 570 000 bbls oil.  Kvaerner’s scope of work included support to the main civil contractor for the construction contract.  In addition Kvaerner was responsible for the tow out and installation.  Client : BP.  Delivered 1995.

Gullfaks C

Gullfaks CThe Gullfaks C concrete gravity base platform was the last of the three Gullfaks PDQ GBS based platforms.  At the time of construction, Gullfaks C was the world's largest offshore production, drilling and quarters platform designed for 220 m water depth.  Kvaerner was responsible for engineering, procurement, construction and installation. Client:  Statoil.  Delivered 1989.