Executive management team

Information about Kvaerner's executive management team.

The expertise and experience of each member of the company's management is set out below:



Jan Arve Haugan
President & CEO

Jan Arve HauganJan Arve Haugan started his professional career in the Norwegian construction company F. Selmer (now Skanska) and worked as project consultant in Terra Mar Project Management before he joined the Norwegian industrial conglomerate Norsk Hydro as chief engineer in 1991. He has had several leading positions in Hydro’s oil and gas projects and operations, and more recently in the aluminium business. From 2007 to 2009 he was director of Technology and Global Smelter Operations. In 2009 he became CEO of Qatar Aluminium Ltd (Qatalum), a 50/50 joint venture between Qatar Petroleum and Hydro Aluminium, and one of the largest primary aluminium plants ever built in one phase. Mr Haugan was Hydro’s project owner and technology provider for Qatalum in Hydro, before joining Qatalum as CEO. Jan Arve Haugan holds a M.Sc. in construction management from the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. Mr Haugan and related parties hold 190 944 shares in Kværner ASA. Mr Haugan is a Norwegian citizen. 

Idar Eikrem
Executive vice president & CFO Finance

Idar EikremIdar Eikrem, joined Kvaerner in April 2016. He has comprehensive experience from a variety of top management positions, including financial management and turn-around processes. He was until 2014 executive vice president and CFO for the leading contracting group Aibel, and has also held management positions overseas for the same company. Mr Eikrem's former experience also includes the position as CFO for the Canadian company Synenco Energy and he worked 15 years for Norsk Hydro where he held several positions in financial management in Norway and Singapore and he was also Head of Investor Relations. He holds a M.Sc. in economics and business administration from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen, Norway and is state-authorized public accountant. He holds no shares in Kværner ASA. Mr Eikrem is a Norwegian citizen. 

Henrik Inadomi
Senior vice president Corporate Support

Henrik InadomiHenrik Inadomi joined Kvaerner in 2012 after holding the position as general counsel and company secretary in Qatar Aluminium Limited, a position he held since 2010. Previously Dr Inadomi worked as legal counsel in Norsk Hydro ASA. Prior to this he worked as a research fellow at the section for petroleum and energy law at the University of Oslo, and his PhD thesis "Independent power projects in developing countries - Legal investment protection and consequences for development" was later published as a book. He graduated from the University of Oslo in 2001 and he also holds a LL.M. in international economic and business law from the Kyushu University, Japan. Dr Inadomi has also published several academic articles, mainly on energy law. He holds 113 534 shares in Kværner ASA. Dr Inadomi is a Norwegian citizen.

Steinar Røgenes
Executive vice president EPCI

Steinar RøgenesSteinar Røgenes comes from the position as senior vice president in Aker Solutions’ business area for maintenance, modifications and operations (MMO) where he has headed the regional office in Bergen. Mr Røgenes has been with the Aker group for more than 20 years and held several management positions, including vice president finance for Kvaerner at Stord from 2005 to 2010 and business manager for the topside projects Kristin, Valhall and Snorre B from 2000 to 2005. Mr Røgenes holds a B.sc from the Brigham Young University in Utah. He holds 75 706 share in Kværner ASA. Mr Røgenes is a Norwegian citizen.

Ellen Grete Andersen
Chief of Staff

Ellen Grete Andersen was appointed SVP Staff in March 2017. She came from the position as SVP HSSE & QM and she was SVP HSSE in Kvaerner from 2016 to 2017. Before that, Ms Andersen was deputy construction manager on the Hebron GBS project in Canada for Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors (KKC). Ms Andersen has 35 years’ experience from various business areas within offshore oil and gas field development projects as well as the IT industry. She has held several management positions as construction-, business- and work process development manager among others. She has also held the positon as at overall responsible for Aker Solutions’ project execution model (PEMTM) from 2009 to 2011. Ms Andersen holds an engineering degree from Gothenburg Technical Institute in Sweden in addition to several management courses at BI (Norwegian Business School) and Project Managers’ certification, IPMA grade B. She holds 10 925 shares in Kværner ASA. Ms. Andersen is a Norwegian citizen.

Sturla Magnus
Executive vice president Structural Solutions

 Sturla Magnus joined Kvaerner in March 2017. He comes from the position as regional business stream director in Skanska Norway. From 2011 to 2014 Mr Magnus was project director and branch manager for the Kashagan Hook-up project; responsible for Kvaerner activities and personnel in Kazakhstan. Mr Magnus has 20 years of experience from construction projects and management in the international oil & gas-, and the construction industry in Skanska, Aker Solutions, Kvaerner, Aker Marine Contractors and AF Gruppen. He holds a M.Sc in engineering from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He holds 27 191  shares in Kværner ASA. Mr Magnus is a Norwegian citizen.”

Arnt Knudsen
Senior vice president Business Development

Arnt KnudsenArnt Knudsen joined Norwegian Contractors in 1985, which later became part of the Aker Group of companies. Before that he worked in Canada for Swan Wooster. Mr Knudsen has more than 30 years of experience from the oil & gas industry, including management positions in some of the largest and most complex concrete platform projects, such as Troll A and the Adriatic LNG terminal. He has also held other management positions in various parts of the Aker and Kvaerner group of companies as well as extensive international experience. Mr Knudsen holds a M.Sc from Imperial College in London in concrete structures and has also completed the corporate finance program at London Business School. He holds 74 691 shares in Kværner ASA. Mr Knudsen is a Norwegian citizen.

Elly Bjerknes
Executive vice president Process Solutions

Elly Bjerke

Elly Bjerknes joined Kvaerner in March 2013 as senior vice president. Mrs Bjerknes has 34 years of experience within the oil and gas industry; and started her career in Norsk Hydro in 1983. Within Norsk Hydro she has held different management positions as vice president, including responsibility for the partner operated licences, international investment projects portfolio and as project manager. After joining Kvaerner, she has held different positions with main focus on supporting the executive management team in monitoring the performance of the execution projects. Mrs Bjerknes holds a M.Sc. in physical chemistry and chemical engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She holds 45 734 shares in Kværner ASA. Mrs Bjerknes is a Norwegian citizen.

Hans Petter Mølmen
Executive vice president Concrete and New Solutions

Hans Petter MølmenHans Petter Mølmen joined Kværner Engineering AS in 1991 and has during the years gained extensive experience within project controls and project management on both topsides and concrete GBS projects. Prior to that, he worked as an electrical engineer for AS Rasmussen & Strand in Oslo. Mr Mølmen has 25 years of experience from the oil & gas industry including key management positions in international concrete platform projects like Adriatic LNG terminal in Spain and Sakhalin-1 CGBS in Far East Russia. He also held other management positions in various parts of the Kvaerner and Aker group of companies. Mr Mølmen holds a B.Sc from Narvik College of Engineering in Electrical science, extended with one year education in economy and management. He also holds a B.Sc in Business Management from Arizona State University. He holds 57 800 shares in Kværner ASA. Mr Mølmen is a Norwegian citizen.